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Top five weird eating spots in London

By Lauren Harmes

With an almost unlimited choice of dining options across London, sometimes you need something a little more on the quirky side to quench your thirst for the unique and unpredictable. Luckily, London is not short of weird eating spots – and we have rounded up five of the best for you to choose from.

Sketch Gallery

The entirety of Sketch in Mayfair is unusual, luxurious and hedonistic, but it’s the Gallery that really stands out as a “weird” dining spot. Draped in pink and hundreds of art pieces on the walls by David Shrigley, it’s a fun, cultural experience where you can enjoy their famous afternoon tea. The staff are characters in themselves with tea masters, caviar men and more! Don’t forget to check out the egg-shaped toilets where spending a penny will be masked by birdsong – how delightful.

Bob Bob Ricard

Any restaurant that has a “press for champagne” button at each table is a winner in our book – so Bob Bob Ricard makes the list. Luxurious doesn’t even begin to cover Soho’s Bob Bob Ricard. Its OTT art deco interior design transports you to another world as you enjoy English-Russian fusion cuisine. Every table is situated in a booth so, if privacy is important to you, then Bob Bob Ricard will tick a lot of boxes.


Ever fancied a restaurant that is half restaurant half I’m A Celebrity, Get Me Out of Here? Then Archipelago is for you. This Fitzrovia dining destination is a moody, exotic restaurant covered in greenery and unusual artwork from all over the globe. But it’s the menu that really makes Archipelago stand out from the crowd. Pan-fried crickets, python carpaccio and caramel mealworms are the dishes of choice here so make sure you have a strong stomach and a brave attitude!


Probably the most technologically-advanced restaurant in London, Inamo offers touch-screen table menus where you can view and order dishes without having to pick up a single menu.

This Soho eatery also allows you to electronically change the restaurant’s music, or even book a taxi home. But it’s not just all style over substance – the food itself is second-to-none. Offering Asian tapas and sushi as well as larger sharing dishes such as our favourite Korean BBQ rack of ribs, it’s worth the trip for the food alone.

Ballie Ballerson Ball Pit

Situated in the former home of London’s first waterproof dining room Rascals in Shoreditch comes Ballie Ballerson Ball Pit. As the name suggests, there are a variety of ball pits here for adults to play in, including a popular glowing ball pit of an evening. Guests can enjoy pizza, fries and pornstar martinis while listening to a mix of RnB, disco and house beats. Sounds like the ultimate party!

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