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These are the seven under the radar clubs in Berlin that everybody should visit once

By Lulu Le Vay

Berlin, without a doubt, deserves its reputation as the best city for clubbing in all of Europe. Whether you're a fan of techno, house, or even trance, it's possible to find an EDM night that's right for you seven nights a week, 52 weeks a year.

With its notoriously strict door policy and long queue, Berghain – the best-known club in Berlin – can be a nightmare for tourists to get into. We recommend that visitors to the German capital choose a venue slightly off the beaten track.

As always, don't come in too large a group, don't act drunk and try to speak a little German and you should be okay getting in...

1. Sisyphos Nightclub

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If you're a fan of techno or tech-house, then this is the club for you. With its labyrinthine outdoor area littered with abandoned cars, the club has some of the most refreshing visuals at the Berlin club scene has to offer.

Sisyphos has a reputation for being more tourist-friendly than other large venues, and it runs non-stop from Friday through to Monday. If you're willing to go in the afternoon or morning, you're likely to get in without queuing. Although line-ups are rarely ever announced in advance, you can find out more information through the venue's website.

2. Anomalie Art Club

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While you'll likely come to this venue for the techno, be prepared to be blown away by the art on display in the club's many nooks and crevices, as well as sculptures beside the DJ booth itself. There's a reason it's known locally as 'The Dream Factory'.

If you want to get some space to dance, then this is the place for you as it rarely gets too packed. More info is available on the club's Facebook page.

3. Ritter Butzke

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Opened in an abandoned factory, Ritter Butzke has a reputation for putting on some of Berlin's best parties and live music. Having made the transition from hosting illegal to going legit without losing any of its authenticity, this is the club to go to if you want the full 'Berlin experience'. Arrive early to avoid the queues.

Listings for nights are available through the Ritter Butzke website.

4. Suicide Circus

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As edgy as its name suggests, the Suicide Circus is a reasonably sized club in Berlin's east side. The venue boasts outdoor and indoor floors, as well as several 'chill-out' spots if you need a break from the intense beats.

While you might stand more of a chance of getting into Berghain in all-black, here, you'll do better if you avoid conservative attire. Dress as flamboyantly as possible and you'll stand a better chance of getting in.

Although it is renowned for its techno, it’s also possible to catch some trance if you check out the club's listings and plan in advance.

5. Loophole Berlin

This former brothel has gained a reputation over the last decade as one of the best venues in Berlin for live music and club nights. With an emphasis on electronica and noise rather than techno, Loophole is a shining example of why the Neukölln district has such an underground reputation.

You can check out listings in advance here.

6. About Blank

With its origins as the Friedrichshain district's premier illegal club, About Blank retains an authenticity that leads clubbers to queue around the block for entry. If you can handle waiting over an hour at the door, expect one of the wildest nightlife experiences Berlin has to offer.

Just make sure you know who is playing on the night, as you're likely to be asked by security and they won't let you in if you don't know. Listings are available via the club's website.

7. Tresor

It might be a stretch to describe Tresor as 'under the radar' these days, but there's a reason the club is now regarded in the same breath as Berghain. Housed in an abandoned power plant, the sheer size of the venue, combined with a lighter door policy than other top clubs in the city. As long as you're not rowdy, you're likely to get in.

Tresor boasts three separate floors, so there's likely to be something for everyone, whether you're heading down on a Monday, Wednesday, Friday or Saturday. Upcoming nights are listed on the club's website.

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