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Seven awesome Berlin activities that will ease you in to autumn

By Amanda Gegg

For many of us, the dawning of September marks the beginning of a seasonal affective slump in to autumn, plagued with missing the sunnier climes of July and August. But, I am here today to urge those of you in this mindset to think again, especially if you happen to find yourself in the ever-captivating city of Berlin. Here, summer definitely doesn’t turn off just like that; instead they have learnt to make the transition a much more seamless and enjoyable affair. In fact, you’ll probably find that not a great deal dramatically changes until October, when you might just need to start dressing a little warmer…


Presumably you don’t need our translation for this one but for anyone in doubt, it’s not just a stereotype that the Germans love their beer. Consequently, just because summer is on its way out doesn't mean the world-famous beer gardens will be closing their doors to the public, with most staying open until the end of September. If you need a good starting point we’d definitely suggest the lively atmosphere of the Prater Biergarten.

Mauer Park Sundays

Whilst the beer gardens in Berlin will give you a healthy dose of community spirit, Berlin also has a much-loved alternative in the form of Bearpit Karaoke in Mauer Park every Sunday. Here you can spectate (or indeed partake) in one of the world's favourite past times in the setting of a disused amphitheatre. Do not be put off by the intensity however, this is one of the friendliest atmospheres in the city and it runs all the way through to October – weather permitting!

Lakeside Fun

Just because it’s not ‘officially summer’ anymore doesn’t mean you can’t still enjoy a lake or two – even a row boat might not go a miss in the crisp autumn sunshine. Who knows, it might even still be hot enough in September to sunbathe on the shore. Our top picks for this would be Weissensee, Wannsee or Müggelsee.

Badeschiff Open Air Pool

You can always tell a lot about a city by the strength of its lido game and unsurprisingly Berlin has completely nailed it with their open air pool that floats atop of the River Spree. This urban recreation ground very much carries on thriving in to autumn and even when the sun starts to disappear the organisers just cover it over with a winter-proof marquee.

Templehofer Feld

If I dare to say it, this place is just so Berlin; encapsulating the sense of community the city has become so famous for. Previously an airport in the 1920s, this space was reclaimed and repurposed in 2008 in to a park for all to enjoy. Whether you want to spend some quality time with the family (including dogs, of course) or even just have a BBQ with your friends, pretty much anything goes here as long as its wholesome and/or creative.


As a self-proclaimed contender with other world-famous city parks, Tiergarten is certainly worth a visit all year round. Not only is it absolutely huge – over 500 acres – but it also borders some of the most noteworthy historical landmarks such as the Brandenburg Gate. Henceforth, you’d be crazy to miss this off your list just because you now might need a light jacket.

Grunewald Forest

A hike in the Grunewald forest is amazing at the best of times but autumn is when it truly comes in to its own with the adornment of those gorgeous fallen leaves. If you fancy a bit of a challenge you could climb up the Karlsberg for some great views of Havel and Wannsee. This place won’t disappoint and will definitely leave you at peace with the cooler months to follow.

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