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Six Of The Best Walking Tours In London

The beauty of London is that treasures can be found down every side street and in any nook and cranny, but a lot of this can be missed when you’re whizzing around on the Tube or in an Uber.
This is why walking tours are so effective and a great way to explore the city while learning all about a part of our capital’s rich history. With that in mind, check out our list of the top walking tours in London.

Brit Movie Tours

Image Credit: @filmtourismus

Under a spell by Harry Potter? Obsessed with James Bond? Or want to drown your sorrows with Bridget Jones? Then the Brit Movie Tours are for you. With many different tours taking you to the famous filming locations and landmarks from your favourite TV shows and films, these tours are fantastic for any screen buff.

Subject to availability. Find out more about the tours available here.

Jack the Ripper Tour

Image Credit: @mr.ryan.skinner89

Follow in the footsteps of one of London’s most famous murderers in this evening ghost tour. Travel around and listen to the guide discuss in detail how the murders were carried out – and try and spot a ghost or two on your journey. You will visit the haunted theatre Drury Lane, so make sure you have someone to cling on tight to.

Subject to availability. Book your tickets here.

City Visitor Trail

If it’s a regular walking tour you’re after, you won’t get better than the City Visitor Trail. This takes you around the most famous locations that London has to offer, including the Tower of London, Tower Bridge, St Paul’s Cathedral, Guildhall and many more. Some of the tours allow you to go more in depth in certain areas, so if you want to learn all about the goings on in Soho, or the history of Brixton, you can book onto these specialist tours alongside the main London one. Don’t forget to download the app which is a great accompaniment to your walk.

Subject to availability.

Churchill War Rooms

Image Credit: @evatorigoe

London would not be what it is today without the protection of Sir Winston Churchill – so no trip to London would be complete without learning a bit more about our great former Prime Minister. This tour will take you around Westminster’s World War II sites such as the Cenotaph War Memorial and Churchill’s bunker where he carried out secret conversations and made huge decisions to protect our country.

Subject to availability. Book your tickets here.

Secret Food Tours

Image Credit: @hungryolivethethyme

London is heaven for any real foodie, and these tours are just the ticket if you work up an appetite! Secret Food Tours offers tours in both London Bridge and Shoreditch.

The London Bridge tour will allow you to discover the delicious food items available in the famous Borough Market and the surrounding areas. Find out more about what food you can enjoy here. The Shoreditch tour will allow you to ample a spectrum of mouth-watering flavours that make up this unique neighbourhood with influences from British, Jewish, Asian, and Ghanaian cuisines. Find out more about what you can enjoy here.

Sherlock Holmes

Image Credit: @thesherlockpub

Go on a tour of the locations that are synonymous with everyone’s favourite London detective, as created by Arthur Conan Doyle. The guide will take you to various sites from the books and screen on this two hour walk, such as where Holmes and Watson first meet, filming locations and many more. This tour gives you many opportunities to take some great photos and mementos of your trip – so get your thinking hat on and enjoy!

Subject to availability. Book your tickets here.

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