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Picture Perfect – Holidays Pile on the Pressure

Updated: Dec 5, 2019

Brits spend 5 hours 36 minutes per week perfecting holiday pics

Almost a quarter of Brits admit that they try to make their holiday look better than it actually was on social media, according to new research* compiled by Park Plaza® Hotels & Resorts.

Keen to brag to friends, over half of the 2,000 Brits that took part in the study admitted they carefully edit their pictures to make the view look better, with 62% applying filters to alter the sky colour before posting them online. More than a quarter admit they have even gone to the effort of searching for the ideal backdrop in order to make the perfect photo.

As thoughts turn to summer holiday planning for 2019, Park Plaza® Hotels & Resorts surveyed the nation to find out how social media influences our holidays.

The findings revealed that spotting a destination on a friend’s Instagram or social media page is more influential when deciding a holiday destination than advertising. It seems that we’re not ready to follow in the footsteps of the Kardashians, with only one in ten admitting that celebrities influence their holiday choice.

Getting the perfect shot is a time-consuming business though, as Brits spend an average of seven minutes finding the perfect backdrop before spending further five minutes editing each image. With an average of four shots posted per day, over five and a half hours of precious holiday time is spent perfecting pictures during a one-week break!

The trend for hotdog legs seems to on the wane and it seems we’re a cultured bunch, still preferring to photograph landmarks and sunsets than food and selfies. The trend for photographing food seems to have slowed too, with our culinary adventures only coming fourth in the top ten of things we like to capture. When it comes to where we rest our weary feet, Londoners are twice as likely (33%) to take images of their hotel room than those from the South West (14%) and meanwhile people from the North East are more likely to take selfies than the Welsh (46% vs. 29%).

Picture Perfect - The Top 10 Things Brits Love to Photograph on Holiday:

Landmarks (68%)

Sunsets (59%)

Friends / family (47%)

Food (38%)

Selfies (36%)

Drinks (27%)

Hotel room (23%)

Hotdog legs (7%)

Bathroom (6%)

Celebrity haunts (5%)

While just 15% of holidaymakers admitted they would replicate images they had seen on social media feeds during their holiday, nearly half said that perfecting their photos for social media means they miss out on enjoying their experience, with almost a third claiming they’d like to spend less time posing during their escapes.

So we’ve curated a guide to help guests create photogenic ‘instagrammable’ moments without wasting precious holiday time. Pop over to our London Revealed Instagram page to find inspiration on where to capture the perfect image from locations across the capital, and spend more time immersing yourself in the experience rather than from behind your camera!

*Research completed with OnePoll in November 2018 with 2,000 respondents.

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