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Tradition tops tech in kid’s holiday bucket list

Visiting the zoo is the number one activity

Looking for inspiration to keep your kids entertained during the school holidays? The latest survey by Park Plaza® Hotels & Resorts has found that children are more interested in traditional holiday activities and earning their own money than tech.

While kids are well-known devotees to their phones and video games, the poll, which delved in to youngsters’ desires for the upcoming half term, put tech-related activities like blogging at the bottom of the table, behind 32 other options, while playing video games failed to feature in the top ten.

A wide range of more traditional activities were much more popular, including flying a kite (no. 9), ice-skating (no. 5), riding a boat ride along the Thames (no. 18) or visiting attractions such as the top of the Shard (no. 24). Half said the zoo was top of the list when it came to the places they’d most like to visit – closely followed by the London Eye (48%) and an aquarium (44%).

Furthermore, with two of the ten bucket list interests being financially focussed, (34% wanting to open a bank account and 32% wanting to earn their own money), it seems financial independence is increasingly what really matters to most kids.

When asked what they’d most like to do before they hit their teens, perhaps surprisingly, only 15% said meeting the Royals was up there, with 29 activities seen as more important, including visiting museums and going to see their favourite artist play live at a concert.

TOP 33 HOLIDAY ACTIVITIES TO KEEP YOUR FAMILY ENTERTAINED 1. Go to the zoo (50%) 2. Ride the London Eye (48%) 3. Go to a theme park (45%) 4. Visit an aquarium (44%) 5. Go ice skating (44%) 6. Visit the National History Museum/Imperial War Museum (37%) 7. Spend a weekend in London (37%) 8. Go to a pop concert (36%) 9. Fly a kite (35%) 10. Open a bank/savings account (34%) 11. Earn and spend their own pocket money (32%) 12. Go and see a musical (32%) 13. Complete a video game (31%) 14. Learn to play an instrument (30%) 15. Get lost in Harrods’ Toy Kingdom (29%) 16. See a premier league football match (29%) 17. Stay in a posh hotel (28%) 18. Ride a boat along the Thames (28%) 19. Read a full series of books (28%) 20. Navigate the London Underground (26%) 21. Learn to ride a horse (26%) 22. Master a basic meal e.g. pizza (26%) 23. Learn another language (24%) 24. Visit the top of the Shard (23%) 25. Go to an immersive cinema event (23%) 26. Ride the world’s tallest water slide (21%) 27. Be a zookeeper for a day (21%) 28. Learn to street dance (16%) 29. Save up for a cool pair of trainers (16%) 30. Meet Will & Kate (15%)

31. Write their own story (14%) 32. Learn to code (14%) 33. Start a blog (9%)

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