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How to make your own Christmas Wreath

Updated: Nov 25, 2020

A Christmas door wreath is perfect for creating lasting first impressions and adding some Christmas cheer to your street. Whether you live in a small flat or a large house, anyone can have a festive door wreath.
With just one month to go until the big day, we caught up with London based florist Ami Roberts from Chic Flower Designs to talk us through her steps on how to make the perfect Christmas wreath for the festive season.

What you’ll need..

To make your Christmas wreath, you’ll need some materials which you can get from your local garden centre or any online florist.

  • A wreath ring or base

  • Florist's wire

  • String

  • Fresh or fake sprigs of spruce - pine, holly or other foliage

  • Christmas decorations

  • A glue gun

  • Ribbon.

1. Create the base

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First you’ll need a wreath base, choose from a wire ring or a floral foam wreath. You can also make your own ring from thick wire or a metal coat hanger by bending it into a circle. Or you might even prefer to buy a readymade spruce wreath to add decorations to.

2. Pick the theme

Decide how you will decorate your wreath. Do you want something traditional, natural or modern? For a traditional look, use plenty of lush reds with holly sprays, roses or berries and some rich red ribbon to make a beautiful statement bow. For a more modern look, go for sparkly baubles, berries and lights. Or to create a natural garden style wreath use a variety of berries, dried fruit, nuts and cones.

3. Attach the stems

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To build your wreath, start by securing foliage stems to the base using lightweight floral wire. Bend your wire into a U-shape using one side to bend around the foliage. Overlap the stems as you go to avoid any gaps and continue adding stems until the wreath base is fully covered and looks thick and lush.

4. Add Christmas lights

Your wreath should be starting to take shape and looking a little like a doughnut, so now if you want to use lights you can wrap them around your wreath through the hole in the middle.

5. Time for Christmas decorations

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Now for the fun part of adding your decorations. These can be attached using string, wire or glue. Use your ribbon to make a large bow and attach this to the top or bottom of your wreath in the centre, then add your decorations to your wreath securing them to the wire.

To secure, poke the wire through your wreath and tie it at the back, if using string. Keep your decorations in groups of three, for example 3 cinnamon sticks, 3 baubles, 3 twigs etc.You should only need these three sets depending how large your wreath is. Remember to leave the same amount of space between each set of decorations. You can then fill any gaps with your berries or smaller decorations. You can also use a glue gun to secure if you find wiring a little too tricky.

6. Add the finishing touches

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By now your wreath should be looking wonderfully wintery so just trim any loose bits. You can also give your wreath a finishing touch of snow or glitter spray. Now it’s ready to hang on your front door!

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