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Top free magazines in London


London is seen by many as the melting pot of culture and creativity. From the hustle and bustle of the inner city life and the many gems (both hidden and exposed), the capital serves as an exciting source of inspiration, especially for those of us wanting to take advantage of what this city has to offer.

Lucky for us there are an array of free London based magazines to keep us up to date with, well…London. Whether its purpose is an easy read for the commute, a source of pleasure during your down time or a reference guide for your London to do list, there is something to suit everyone’s chosen interests. In no particular order, here are the top free magazines in London that cover Fashion, food and more.

Stylist magazineSince the publications launch in 2009, Stylist has been coined the first ‘freemium’ women’s weekly magazine. Contrary to the title, Stylist magazine is not limited to fashion and style. The contents of the publications print and online platforms also cover lifestyle, beauty and travel as well as inspiring articles that are fresh and relevant to the readers. Amidst the recent re-vamp of the Stylist online platform, Lisa Smosarski, editor of the Stylist magazine reflects on the ethos behind what is published; “We were responding to a real hunger for thoughtful journalism that dealt with issues that mattered, rather than the habits, bulges and neuroses of reality TV stars. We wanted to offer intelligent, inspiring articles every week, combined with a healthy dose of new ideas about fashion, beauty, travel and food.” With its diverse but not sporadic content, Stylist has something for everyone. If the publication leaves you further intrigued then be sure to check out their website here for more content. When: Every Tuesday evening and Wednesday morning Where: Central underground stations

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Foodism magazineIf you are a self-proclaimed foodie or just in need of new places to dine, Foodism magazine was created for you. With an array of restaurant guides, enticing reads, detailed but refreshing reviews, recipes and more, this title will fast become your London food reference guide. Foodism is distributed at most stations in zones 1-10, and their website details exactly which stations you can find them. If you miss one, you are always able to locate the latest issue on their website. And if that is not enough to tame your appetite then there is always room for dessert so to speak with more foodie appropriate articles on the site. This magazine really is the true definition of revealing “London, one bite at a time” When: Every other month on Tuesday and Wednesday Where: Most stations in Zone 1-2 by Evening standard vendors or branded Foodism distributors

Image credit: foodismuk

NME MagazineLaunched over 60 years ago, New Musical Express magazine which is wider known as NME, is a leading voice in the weekly music magazine industry. The music magazine is known for its brutally honest music related reviews as well as being referred to in the notorious song ‘Anarchy in the UK’ by the Sex pistols! NME covers a worlds worth of music related news, band features and many more. If you are still in love with authentic bands, want to be in the know about what new underground sounds to listen out for and which up and coming artists to pay attention to then NME is the read for you. When: Every Friday Where: Most central stations, London based universities and music venues.

Image credit: nmemagazine

Time out magazineIf you want to be in the know about London and what is going on, other than talking to your fellow Londoners and visiting the London revealed website, Time out magazine should be your next point of contact. Time out is known worldwide and is impeccable at capturing the pulse of any city. Time out can be described as your personal pocket tour guide which offers its readers the best places to eat and drink, what events are worth attending in the city and updating you on the best attractions. As well as the other top free magazines in this articles, Time out is also available online for those who prefer to read from their tablets. When: Every Tuesday morning Where: Most stations in London within zones 1-5

Image credit: timeoutlondon Verified

Balance MagazineBalance magazine is a publication for “curious, conscious and connected Londoners”. All about promoting happiness and well-being whilst reducing stress, the fittingly titled magazine gives you a refreshing alternative from the usual hustle and bustle of a fast paced city. Balance magazine vows to offer compelling insights, practical everyday tools for life, positive news and witty opinion pieces. This is the type of magazine you can read in your down time or something useful to get enticed by during a long commute after a busy day at work. The topics covered range from psychology, mind/body and soul and the work/life balance as well as food, arts, culture and so much more. If you are passionate about life, interested in finding your zen or just curious in general then this should be a great addition to your London magazine subscription. When: Once a month on Mondays Where: Outside all major London train stations

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These top five free magazines are a few of many great London based magazines. Others to consider are Short List, ES magazine and Escapism to name a few.

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