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Top 10 places to capture the beauty of Autumn in London

By Amanda Gegg

I think we can all agree it’s easy to feel a bit down as soon as summer departs, flitting off in to the distance only to return again next year. They don’t call it SAD (seasonal affective disorder) for nothing. But if I could just interject for a moment by pointing out that there really is no need to feel like this; especially when you consider the dreamy autumn mornings that have already begun as we speak.

What’s more, I think a lot of people (if they’re honest with themselves) prefer the weather on the slightly cooler side, not to mention every vista being decorated in a splendid adornment of red and gold leaves. That’s why autumn has been crowned our new favourite season and why you will thank us for our suggestions of the top 10 places to capture it for the ‘gram….

1. Any London Mews

Image Credit: @luxurylondonofficial

We’re not sure there’s anything more lovely than a quintessential London mews (a.k.a. the gorgeous cobbled backstreets dotted across West London). But then again, have you ever seen one in the autumn? Kynance Mews is a particular favourite amongst London ‘grammers, but you might want to be mindful that people actually live here so discretion is key.

2. Bushy Park (nearest train station Hampton Court)

Image Credit: @london

I know what you’re thinking; this picture has got to be a fake. But no, this kind of autumn beauty exists right here in our gorgeous capital and you only have to travel a little way to Henry VIII’s old stomping ground at Hampton Court to see it.

3. Windsor Great Park (nearest train station Windsor & Eton Central or Windsor & Eton Riverside)

Image Credit: @ig_flickr

Those who choose to make the journey to Windsor for this scenic walk will be treated to an unforgettable view of Windsor Castle (especially on the ‘Long Walk’ from the Copper Horse statue). Believe us when we say there’s a reason Prince Harry and Meghan chose to live here: it’s absolutely breathtaking.

4. Hyde Park

Image Credit: @rosielondoner

If you’re here visiting and don’t have long, one of the most likely autumn hotspots you’ll find yourself near is Hyde Park. As much as this park will be suggested in your guidebooks for a number of reasons, it is by no means a cliché and will offer a wealth of photo opportunities you won’t forget in a hurry.

5. Pall Mall

Image Credit: @amandagegg

Those dazzling leaves certainly don’t leave out the big tourist attractions and Pall Mall can be an aesthetically pleasing treat if you make the walk up towards Buckingham Palace from Trafalgar Square on an autumn day.

6. Thames Riverbank

Image Credit: @ottoberkeley

Whether you’re a walker, runner, cyclist, or even someone who loves a good bench to sit on, you’ll be spoilt for choice of autumnal shots with the miles of Thames Path at your disposal.

7. Telephone Box Library (Lewisham Way, SE8)

Image Credit: @timeoutlondon

These gorgeous little corners of culture are one of our favourite things about the entire UK, let alone just London. That being said, there is just something about the look of them surrounded by leaves on the pavement that makes it completely impossible to resist taking a photo in the autumn. London’s very own offering can be found in Lewisham.

8. Highgate Wood (nearest tube Highgate)

Image credit: @buarajadhon

This isn’t just your average city escape; Highgate Wood is an ancient plethora of history and wildlife all framed by the delightful backdrop of its gigantic trees. If you’re willing to make the trip for an autumn stroll you will have 28 hectares to photograph at your leisure.

9. Primrose Hill

Image Credit:

It doesn’t take much to see why North London is so coveted, but if you visit on a crisp autumn morning to see the city stretching out in front of you, you really won’t believe your eyes. Of course, Primrose Hill is beautiful at any time of day but we’d certainly recommend heading there as soon as the day breaks if you want the money shot.

10. Anywhere that provides a traditional roast dinner*

Image Credit: @hawksmoorrestaurants

It’s fair to say that the minute the temperature drops in the UK, roast dinners return as a firm fixture to our Sundays. There is no place this is more evident than Instagram and London frontrunners like Hawksmoor – one of the best roasts in the world, in our humble opinion – are more than happy for you to post the beauty to your followers.

*Too many places to list but you can’t go wrong with Hawksmoor.

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