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There’s 10 amazing things everyone needs to do in Berlin right now


If you’re thinking of taking some time to visit Die Hauptstadt, it can be hard to figure out exactly what to do. Never fear, London Revealed is here! Below we’ve broken down our top ten things to spend time on in Berlin. You can thank us in German when you get back. Schon.

1. Alternative Berlin Anti 666 Pub CrawlBerlin is infamous for it’s deliciously diverse and vivaciously vibrant bars, many of which pride themselves on being-off-the-beaten-track. What better way to dive deep into Berlin’s counter-culture than to be shown around some of the more utterly unique ones? Alternative Berlin’s €12 pub crawl promises you wild wonders such as a ping-pong bar, an absinthe bar, a bar in an old church, and a 60s themed bar with toadstools for seats. You’ll get six scrumptious shots for your money, and the locations change daily – ensuring each tour is utterly unique.

Image Credit : Alternative Berlin Crawl

2. Tour Graffiti of the Berlin WallThe Berlin Wall is an undeniable piece of Berlin history. Originally built to divide up East and West Germany, since it’s well-documented destruction the German people have moved to reclaim the wall as a celebration of the country’s united spirit. The wall is now completely covered in a whole host of gorgeous graffiti, all sturdy symbols of unity and hope. On your tour you’ll be guided through the best of them, giving you a unique insight into the transition of this piece of history from trauma into a beacon of hard-hitting hope.

Image credit:@gatitaroja71

3. Le Pustra's Kabaret der NamenlassenLe Pustra’s Kabaret der Namenlossen, which translates as ‘The cabaret of the nameless’, is a celebration of all things wonderfully Weimar Berlin. If your interest lies in Berlin’s drunken, decadent, lost years between wars – this is the Kabaret for you. You’ll experience the intoxicating, bohemian atmosphere of Berlin’s lost years. The Kabaret is immersive, so prepare to feel involved. It’s smoky, surreal, sensational, and certainly not to be missed.

Image credit: kabarettdernamenlosen

4. The Dali Museum

Keeping with the theme of sexy and surreal, why not check out the Dali Museum? It boasts a brilliant 450 works of art by the man himself, and will be sure to welcome you warm into the brain of the eccentric artist. It’s a completely comprehensive, in-depth and raw representative of the great master’s work, and you can even snap a selfie in a reproduction of his ‘Mae West’s Lips’ chair outside.

Image credit : tmlipp

5. Deutsche KinemathekThe Deutsche Kinemathek is huge, so when you visit it, be sure to leave at least three hours. It holds everything you’d ever want to see about German film and TV. From the creepy Dr Caligari to a time tunnel to Marlene Dietrich’s longing love letters, you’ll definitely be leaving with something in your eye. Make sure you get it out before you reach the gorgeous gift shop though; it contains everything the movie buff in you could ever dream of.

Image credit: kevin_koehler_

6. Dr Sketchy’s BerlinDr Sketchy’s is a life-drawing event founded by Molly Crabapple in New York. It blends buxom burlesque artists with life-drawing, and killer themes. The Berlin night mainly runs monthly, and you simply grab your sketchpad and go. It’s a good way for you to mingle with Berlin artisans, and they’re almost always held in a bar, so booze. Who knows, you might even meet someone to come back for!

Image Credit: drsketchysberlin

7. Brandenburger TorThe Brandenburg Gate is one of the most well known and loved landmarks of Berlin. Through history, it has been the sight of many happening historical events; and has been visited by everyone from the King of Prussia right through to John F Kennedy. Make sure you plan this one in as a stop point during a longer day, as there’s no celebratory exhibition. Still, it’s worth a visit, even if you just walk whimsically through it.

Image credit: wanderlust.chio

8. Isherwood’s Neighbourhood Walking Tour

When your spine starts to tingle at the sound of ‘A tiger is a tiger, not a lamb mein herr’, then the Ischerwood Walking Tour is for you. A well-constructed cruise round the neighbourhood of Goodbye to Berlin’s author Christopher Isherwood, via host Brendan’s incredibly evocative story telling, you’ll feel the pulsing atmosphere of Weimar Berlin in all it’s technicolour glory.

Image credit: thechristopherisherwoodfdn

9. FernsehturmYou can dine in style in the fab Fernsehturm, which stands at an incredible 1,207 feet off the ground. It’s actually a television tower, and is the fourth tallest freestanding structure in Europe. Once you get up there, you’ll experience an eye-catching 360 degree view of Berlin. Put this towards the end of your trip, and you can have fun spotting the many monuments you already took a visit too.

Image credit: miguelsantafe

10. AlexanderplatzRight smack bang in the middle of Berlin sits Alexanderplatz. It’s your one-stop-shop for cool clothes, modern music, and retail therapy. If you’re looking to let your hair down, browse a seasonal market, or take in a film in German, the well-populated platz is for you. It’s right near the Fernsehturm and the Brandenburger Tor, so we see a schedule developing! Not that we’re the boss of you, or anything…

Image credit: loredana.obagila

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