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The Pub Monopoly Tour

Updated: Nov 3, 2018


It’s a quintessentially English experience, playing Monopoly. It also walks players through some of London’s most famous and historic streets, stations and locations. The board provides a real life tour trail of our capital – but all that walking can be thirsty business. We’ve devised a hitlist of the best pubs to visit along the way and some optional rules if you’re after the true Pub Monopoly experience!

Old Kent Road – The Windsor

Whitechapel Road – The Blind Beggar

The Angel Islington – The Angel

Euston Road – The Euston Flyer

Pentonville Road – The Lexington

Pall Mall – The Red Lion

Whitehall –Sliver Cross

Northumberland Avenue – Sherlock Holmes

Bow Street – Marquess of Anglesey

Marlborough Street – The Prince Regent

Vine Street –Abbey

Strand – The Coal Hole

Fleet Street – The Tipperary

Trafalger Square- Vista

Leicester Square – The Moon Under Water

Coventry Street –The Lyric

Piccadilly – The Glassblower

Regent Street –The Queen's Head

Oxford Street – The Flying Horse

Bond Street - Barley Mow

Park Lane – Rose and Crown

Mayfair –The Punch Bowl

Now, you’ve got the pubs and, really, that’s all you need to get on your (potentially very) merry way! However, we did mention some rules and for those of you looking for a more official affair, here are some elements that have helped us enjoy successful Pub Monopoly Tours – strictly for research purposes, of course!

Chance cardsThis is where you can have some fun with challenges for the group. It could be karaoke, arm wrestles or any other dare you choose, hand a different chance card out at each pub you visit to add a bit of extra spice.

Community chestIf you’ll be collecting a whip from which to buy drinks from the group, community chest cards are a way of adding a bit of spontaneity into the trip. Whether contributing to the whip, gaining a free drink from it or ordering a round of cocktails for the whole group, these add a lottery element to your Pub Monopoly experience.

Some considerationsThis is still a tour of London, and it isn’t much of a tour if you only make it a quarter of the way through. You don’t need to drink in every pub, and sampling some of the venue’s beers in half pints is a great, sustainable tempo to the day! Whenever we’ve done this, we’ve treated it as an excuse to get all suited, booted and dressed to the nines. Just beware of heels, there’s a lot of walking!

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