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The excitement of London Escape Rooms


London is full of trappings which make it hard to leave – beautiful skyline views from every direction, a seemingly infinite collection of potential friends, partners, colleagues or teammates to meet and a social occasion to be found almost every night of the week.

However, there is a difference between being so allured by our capital’s offering and physically trapped, searching the walls and your surroundings for some clue to escape. It turns out, though, that they can be one and the same. All around London, new and exciting ways to pass your time are popping up and the latest of these are escape rooms – you’re in London, you’re trapped, but you’re also taking in one of the city’s many unique attractions.

They require all of your brain power to negotiate riddles, puzzles and yes, you guessed it, clues to escape a room you’re locked in for an hour. With teams usually compromised of between 4 – 6 players, they’re the perfect excuse to bring together your brainiest buds! If you’re stuck for where to start with the many, many London Escape Rooms, here are my top three:

Enigma Quests Specifically, its Harry Potter room. A keen eye for detail and ability to escape seemingly helpless scenarios often saved Harry, Hermoine and Ron so this escape room will arm you with all the tools of a truly great witch or wizard.

Image credit:enigmaquests

Mission BreakoutNo stone’s left unturned in this comprehensive composition of a 1940s war-stricken arena. Given the heroic story of a WW2 escape taking prime spot in the box office, this old converted tube station may see a surge in Londoners.

Image credit: Mission Breakout


Cluequest is classic escape room stuff, these are puzzles and challenges that will really test your logical and lateral thinking to the limit! You can have three to five players, so assemble your best brains.

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