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Pints for under a fiver

Updated: Oct 31, 2018


So here it is, for all you Northern folk who use the “We can’t afford to drink in London so you’ll have to come to us” excuse… London’s top 5 pubs pulling pints under a fiver.

The Salisbury Harringay The Salisbury offers a mouth-watering range of world beers, alongside locally brewed bitters and mild brews. Lager-wise Litovel comes in at £4.30 a pint and Litovel premium at £4.50 and their rotating tap selection of real ales, which has included the likes of Clouded Minds, Sam Brooks and Bronx Brewery, all come in below a fiver!

Image credit: salisbury_pub_harringay

The White Lion, Finsbury Park A personal fav for its unique themed events and wholesome menu, The White Lion serves its fare share of lagers and guest ales under a fiver, also why not try there their selection of homemade flavoured gins!

Image credit: thewhitelionn4

Bradley's Spanish Bar, Oxford St Indulge in a post Primark pint or 5 while you listen to the original 80s vinyl jukebox. Boasting a fine selection of Spanish lagers (Estrella Damm, Alhambra Especial, Mahou, San Miguel), Kingstone Cider, Guinness, Budvar and for the fans of a nice local beer, London Meantime Pale Ale with pints all between £4.50 and £4.70.

Image credit: ex_turpi_causa

Pride of Spitalfields, Brick LaneThe Pride of Spitalfields is said to be associated with a Jack the Ripper suspect.. but if that’s not enough to entice you in, then perhaps the fact that that ALL pints in this charming little East-End bolthole are under a fiver. For a crisp pint of the old Stella you’re looking at parting with £3.80 and for some familiar British ales, Brewers Gold is £3.70, Trumans is £3.90.

Image credit:mrsjacks

Princess Louise, HolbornLose yourself in the glass-fronted, victorian booths of this Sam Smith’s boozer in Holborn. You’ll be pleased to know ‘The Princess’ pulls all it’s pints in at under a fiver ranging from £2.20 – £4.70.

Image credit: streetartsimon

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