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Most Instagram Worthy Hot Spots

Updated: Oct 25, 2018


Social media is undeniably a big factor in most of our lives. In this case Instagram, is the app that most, if not all of us have heard of, if not use. For some, the app is an extension of creative work or a way in which they keep in contact with friends and family to let them know what is going on, for others it is a source of inspiration or something to do when there is not anything else to do. Most commonly, Instagram is a place where we can see new places and things to do in our city. Instead of pestering the uploader to tell you where the most Instagrammed/ Instagram worthy hot spots are (some people are really hush hush about it and do not want to share where their picturesque back drops are) we have curated a list that will make your Instagram followers jealous.

Sky GardenIf you want to experience a London sky line and try your hand at Instagram photography without the hefty fee of going to an upscale restaurant like the Shard, then Sky Garden is the spot for you. Not only is this place free to enter (get your ticket in advance) and offering an exceptional view, it serves as a blogger’s favourite photo opportunity with its indoor tropical garden in the sky.

Image credit: chilloutlondon

Restaurant Ours The place with the blush toned floral wall that currently has social media going wild. Yes, we have all seen many images of said wall floating around Instagram serving as a photoshoot backdrop for many. If you hash tag the location without the reputable wall then the question poses ‘Did you really dine at this restaurant?’ Forget what the food tastes like at this place and what the rest of the interior looks like, just don’t forget to make sure your outfit pictures well with the flower power of the insta-famous wall.

Image credit: mingsavannah

Frank's Cafe Last year I saw a gush of Instagram uploads and editorial shoots take place on the pink steps that we now know to be the steps which take you to Franks Café in Peckham. Franks is a roof top, well car park bar, a non-profit artsy organisation that opens its doors every summer for drinks, casual food and events. Summer is here so get your pink on posing on the steps before you get your drink on at the top with friends.

Image credit: okwilson_

Somerset House

Wanting to give your Instagram feed a Parisian vibe without having to hop onto the Eurostar? Then head over to Somerset house just off of The Strand to get some photography style snaps of the scenery. Somerset house during the festive months is also a treat to take pictures, especially if the ice rink is out.

Image credit: Somerset House

Notting Hill and Portobello RoadAnother bloggers favourite, Notting Hill and Portobello road are some of the most pictured backdrops on Instagram and the blogosphere. Whether it is the pristine white houses or the colourful collage of Balamory style houses you are after, there is a backdrop to suit your aesthetics whether you are taking pictures or just soaking up the views on a sunny summer’s day.

Image credit: rachelistraveling

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