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Matt’s top places to take a date


Dating can be difficult and at first it can seem there’s a chasm between a first date and a 134th date with your better half but, really, the basics remain the same. Do something unexpected, keep it fun and, occasionally, even a Tinder date can be improved with a splash of old school romance.

The Four Thieves, Clapham Is, in my opinion, the ultimate venue for a frivolously fun and unique date. Boasting two floors, with the ground floor a typical SW London bar, average drinks prices, plenty of space and cool music it’s inoffensive, but nothing special. However, upon walking upstairs, you’ll be greeted by a plethora of games and activities to keep you and your date entertained all evening. Decked with crazy golf courses and paved with an intricate skalextric system, lined with race-car bucket seats from which the cars circling the bar’s floor can be controlled by anybody frequenting the bar. Throw some table tennis tables into the mix and this games room really has everything for a fun and competitive evening. In fact, frankly, an over-competitive spirit is the only thing standing in the way of you and a perfect evening.

Image credit: fourthievespub

214 Bermondsey, Bermondsey Offers a relaxed, but sociable environment which provides the perfect backdrop for a date with a twist. If I told you this is my favourite place to sample London’s trendiest spirit, you’ll know to expect a sensational gin offer. The eclectic mix of dry gins, flavoured gins and infused tonics is any gin lover’s dream, but this bar also offers something else. You and your date can choose from a selection of gin tasting experiences from all around the world, from a variety of continents. What’s more, it doesn’t cost the world – in fact, it’s the most affordable ‘experience’ evenings I’ve tried in London at around £15. You will be brought three different gins, from whichever continent you choose, along with the bar’s own unique tonic and two envelopes. In one envelope is a description of each of these gins, how they were made and what flavours they consist of. You will taste each of the three gins and try to match each of them with the description and then open the second envelope to see how you got on! It’s a great conversation starter on a first date but an equally fun excuse to sample a different tipple however long you’ve been dating.

Image credit: two1fourbermondsey

London Aquarium, South Bank Takes my final place on the list because as I said earlier, fun, excitement, originality are all necessities for a great date, but there’s no real replacement for old-school romance. In truth, this is a double-bill; the London Aquarium is situated pretty close to the London Eye and together, they encapsulate beautiful views, a bit of privacy and a rare glimpse into a world far outside of London, without having to leave the postcode. This is a chance to show your date your sensitive side, just don’t take them anywhere for seafood after!

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