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London’s most unusual statues


Move over Winston Churchill and Nelson’s Column, London has many more hidden treasures which although are not as aesthetically grand, are far more entertaining…

The Vomiting FountainSculptor Klaus Weber had his tongue firmly in his cheek when he designed the vomiting fountain man at the South Bank, next to Jubilee Bridge. Art doesn’t have to be serious, which is proven here. Also check out the accompanying sculpture which is of a man pouring what looks like a bottle of wine over his head. Hell, we’ve all been there. No judging.

Image credit: nadinelohof

Elizabeth IThis ridiculous looking statue of Elizabeth I stands in the grounds of Westminster School. It’s made from stone and brass, and looks like someone’s chucked a giant-sized polo mint over her head for a joke. This 8ft eye sore was unveiled by the Queen in 2010, to mark the school’s 450th birthday. Imagine the love child of Robocop and Dame Edna Everage and you’re almost there.

Seven Noses of SohoYes, this actually exists. And it’s genius. Plastered all over Soho are random noses, designed by artist Rick Buckley in his quest to critique Big Brother society since the proliferation of CCTV cameras in the area in 1997. He initially made 35 which were illegally mounted all over central London, but most have been taken down. The most amusing aspect of these pieces? All seven noses are casts of his own. Myth has it if you manage to locate all seven noses, you will become extremely wealthy. What you waiting for? Get sniffing.

Image credit: tbtumble

The Broad FamilyNope, they’re not hunks of rock. This collection of statues in Broadgate created by Spain’s revered sculptor, Xavier Corberó, represent a family. The intention of the pieces is to evoke family feelings of togetherness, separation and vulnerability. Get up close and you can see the detail – and the humour – in this remarkable work. Even the dog has a unique essence captured in the heavy basalt.

Image credit: pianomojoe

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