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London’s top Instagram-worthy toilets

Updated: Jan 11, 2019


Creating a heart-worthy Instagram feed is piss easy… as long as you know where to take the best snaps. No matter your subject matter, giving your faithful followers something quirky, interesting or beautiful will keep them coming back for more. But it’s not just food, selfies and landmarks that can earn a double tap. Restaurants and bars across the city have caught wind of the social trend meaning more and more London’s loos are snapping hotspot. Here’s a list of the most Insta-worthy bathrooms in the city.


Let’s start with an easy one. Sketch’s pod toilets are legendary. The pink hued, rainbow lined, alien-esque, unisex toilets were prime photo fodder way before sharing pictures of you in the bog on social media was a thing.

Image credit: nel11l

Aqua Shard

After you’ve posted piccies of your food, pop to the toilet where you’ll find monochrome, checkerboard tiles and urinals looking out across the city in the men’s and a giant blue mirror in the ladies’ that’ll give you a mermaid look in your selfie.

Image credit: lele.luciano

The Hemingway

Now for a classic, the giant red-lipped urinals can be found all around the world. You can even find them in several places around London. That doesn’t make them any less Instagramable.

Image credit: alistairjessop


From exaggerated pop art we move to neon minimalism. If a gaping set of lips is a bit grotesque for you, the new Broadway Market restaurant is a much more subtle and fabulous place for a lippy piccy.

Image credit: london_urinal

Restaurant Ours

Millennial pink, brass sinks and palm leaves. These toilets couldn’t be more on trend if they tried. But it’s not just the bathroom that give you an optimal selfie setting, the entrance has a lit up walkway and there are real, natural trees in the dining room.

Image credit: carmela_lily


Not for the prude, Sarastro’s X-rated WC features murals that’ll make even the most liberal blush. Possibly not for those who have underage followers.

Image credit: iamferdiesantiago

The Attendant

Technically not a loo… currently. This quirky café is a refurbished, repurposed public bathroom which is worth a post or two.

Image credit: inspirededibles

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