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Interview with Davide Sera, Restaurant Manager at 106 Baker St

By Sophie Cross

Davide in 106 Baker St
Image credit: Davide

How did you find yourself working as Manager at 106 and getting into the restaurant industry?

I’ve been working at 106 for almost four years and the manager for six months. I was here from the opening in June 2014. When I first came to London six years ago I moved into the hospitality industry and worked in a small restaurant where my manager let me learn everything. When she moved to become manager for 106 she employed me. It was my dream to become the manager of this place, I wake up every morning full of energy to pass on to the customers and the team.

What can we expect from the 106 menu?

Everything is freshly made every day with amazing ingredients like mangetout, broccoli, ravioli, salmon, herbs and spices. We serve breakfast until 11am with bacon and sausage rolls, scrambled eggs with avocado, croissants, cakes, juice, yoghurt, freshly cut watermelon, smoothies, smoked salmon with cream cheese, toast with butter and jam, and the full English. At 11am our display changes completely and we prepare lunch - six main courses and salads that change everyday. There’s chicken escalopes, peppers stuffed with beef, Israeli couscous, pearl barley, new potatoes. We have lots of veggie and gluten-free options too.

Different dishes displayed
Image credit: 106 Baker St

What would you choose for the perfect lunch from 106?

I’m Italian so it would be the freshly made ravioli filled with veal and tomato sauce. On the side I’d have a pesto salad with smoked buffalo ricotta, tomatoes and cucumber salad and roast potatoes. A main course with three sides is £8.10 takeaway or £9.60 to have in. A selection of salads is £5.30 or £6.

Salad with sweet potato
Image credit: 106 Baker St

Tell us a bit about the area around Baker Street.

I love this area. Regent’s Park one of the best parks in London. Lots of our customers work in the surrounding offices and university but there are lots of tourists too coming for Madame Tussauds and the Sherlock Holmes Museum.

What do you think keeps customers returning to 106?

The food is good, the coffee is good, the price is good and we really care about the quality and culture of the food. It’s great Mediterranean food and all our suppliers are Italian. But on top of all this I think the customers really feel appreciated by us. They spend a bit of time with us, have fun teasing me when Roma lose at football and I teach them a bit of Italian. It’s our philosophy to make our customers happy, remember little details about them and greet them with a big smile and ‘Buongiorno!’

Coffee with a smiley face
Image credit: 106 Baker St

What do you like to cook for yourself at home?

I’ll make pasta or pizza if friends are coming but I eat a lot of stuff from the restaurant as we don’t throw anything away and it’s freshly made everyday. Every Thursday we have a charity coming to collect leftover food for the homeless.

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