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How to have a cheesy time in London

Updated: Aug 20, 2019

By Carly-Ann Clements

Sweet dreams are made of cheese and so is a bloody good meal in London. Here are 10 places you can get extravagant, Insta-worthy cheese dishes in the city.


Image Credit: @maxwellscoventgarden

Let’s start things off with a bang - the viral sensation at Covent Garden’s Maxwell’s. The indulgent Cheesebomb burger set the internet on fire when videos of gluttonous cheese sauce poured over a bacon laced burger hit every news site in London and beyond. It left the menu for a short time but now it’s back and ready to help those Instagram likes pour in.

Camden Cheese Wheel

Image Credit: @thewheeluk

Another fave dish from the internet is pasta rolled in a giant Parmesan wheel and London’s

favourite place to get it is the aptly named The Cheese Wheel in Camden. The market-based

eatery takes freshly made spaghetti and rolls it in cheese with white wine and herbs before

topping it with tasty extras including more cheese.

The Poutinerie

Image Credit: @chens_table

One for the foodie explorer, The Poutinerie is a roaming food truck that specialises in that famed

Canadian dish which sounds like a pregnant woman’s cravings but is actually heaven on a plate.

Marrying chips, cheese curds and gravy with optional extras, it’s a carby delight that’ll make you

consider upping sticks and moving across the pond. The location changes every day so be sure

to check out the Instagram page.

Raclette Brothers/Alpes

Image Credit: @raclettebrothers

From the streets to the slopes… kind of. Street food sensation Raclette Brothers serve up

traditional Alpine fare that’ll make any cheese lover’s heart beat fast - and not because of high

cholesterol. Before you get to dig in, you’ll see the Savoyarde cheese grilled and scraped over

potatoes, mini gherkins and optional meat. It makes for a great Insta story and an even better

meal. Get dinner and a show by visiting either the roaming stall or the permanent restaurant in



Image Credit: @clawfood

Fancy mac and cheese? Well, yes, always, but this mac and cheese is also a little more

sophisticated than your usual Thursday night tea. Packed full of Salcombe crab, London raclette

and Ogleshield cheese, Claw’s signature dish is a decadent bit of pasta you’ll want to eat over

and over again. Which you can because on Mondays there’s bottomless crab and salad for £15.


Image Credit: @ninafriend

As Kappacasein is run by cheese makers, you can’t go wrong with any dish at this Borough

Market staple. However, if we were to sway you, we’d suggest the toastie. Often touted to be the

best toastier in London, Kappacasein’s grilled sarnie is packed with their raw milk, Bermondseymade Ogleshield cheese designed by owner William Oglethorpe. The melt also features other cheese blends along with leeks, garlic and onion.


Image Credit: @londonfoodmonster

If you believe pizza should be 70% cheese and 30% everything else, then Japes in Soho is an

absolute must for you. Serving deep-dish, Chicago-style pizza, Japes is the only pizzeria of its

kind in London. Though there are only seven pizzas on the menu (as well as pastas and salads),

you couldn’t get more variety. Choose from a traditional Margherita or pepperoni or go all out with a wild Carbonara and get all the stringy, melty goodness you could dream of.

La Fauxmagerie

Image credit: @beanandgreens

It’s 2019 which means vegans are leading the way in cheese innovation. And this year, the UK’s

first vegan cheesemonger opened. Though this isn’t a restaurant, it is a brilliant place to get a

wide variety of plant-based cheeses - ideal for a post-dinner cheeseboard that’ll make all your

guests question if you’re trying to dupe them or not.

Honey & Co

Image Credit: @bonbobldn

Who can talk about cheese without mentioning cheesecake? And Honey & Co’s signature dessert

is one of the city’s best. Though the simple dish comprises just whipped ricotta, kadaif pastry, raw Essex honey, blueberry and nuts, this Middle Eastern-take on everyone’s fave afters packs a

punch that you’ll be talking about for months after.


Pick & Cheese

Image Credit: @secretlondon

In September, the team behind Camden’s Cheese Bar will be offering a brand new cheese-eating

experience in Seven Dials’ KERB streetfood market. Diners will be able to enjoy a selection of fine cheeses which will be delivered to them via a 40-metre-long conveyor belt. There will be 25 British cheeses available to choose from, each of which will be paired with a complimentary condiment. There will even be cheese-flavoured ice creams to round off your meal.

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