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How to exercise in a lockdown

Updated: Jul 14, 2020

By Monique Myers

Being healthy is essential in helping us to function in our everyday lives. Going for walks, jogs in the park, the gym or your weekly exercise class as well as healthy eating, meditation or reading are all contributing factors to good health and wellbeing.
That’s why in this time of self-isolation when we are limited in what we can do - for everyone’s safety - we are suggesting five activities you can do to stay healthy whilst also keeping up the #socialdistance.

Download an App

Staring at your laptop or in any case being in one position for more than two hours at a time is not good for your posture or your eyes so remember to take a break. Set yourself a daily goal and just walk - into the garden, onto your balcony or any outdoor space (where minimal people are around) to get your boost of vitamin D whilst the sun is out. An app such as Strava is ideal for you to achieve the goals you set. Also why not download an app that will help you to pass the time whilst enhancing your skills such as cooking.

Dance party

Have a dance party – dancing is an excellent alternative way to exercise. Play some of your favourite feel-good tunes, turn on the radio, boogie with your favourite London DJ on Insta Stories or use an app such as houseparty and have fun dancing around your room. Not only will you be enjoying a full body workout, it’s great for relieving stress too.

Join a virtual exercise class

Hurray for social media! You won’t be alone when searching for an online workout that suits you. As well as it being important to keep in touch with the outside world whilst staying inside, there are plenty of workouts available for you to choose from on Youtube, as well as fitness experts and influencers providing daily live classes for everyone to participate in from the comfort of your living room. Alternatively why not dig out...dare I say old 90s fitness video!

Check out our very own Londoner Joe Wicks’ live workouts on YouTube everyday at 9am.

Don’t forget about healthy eating

During this unexpected lockdown it’s important to watch what you eat. As tempting as it may be to visit the fridge every 30 minutes and indulge in a sweet treat, maintaining a healthy balanced diet and reaching for a nutritious snack is the better option.

Stimulating the mind

Exercising your mind whilst in self-isolation is equally as important as doing physical exercise. There are plenty of free online games or classes to entertain you and your children or dust off the board games you have in the cupboard and enjoy together. Lastly, this is the perfect time for self care: catch up on your beauty sleep, deep condition your hair, do a face mask; we encourage anything that makes you feel good during this time.

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