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For the record, here’s where to shop

Updated: Oct 25, 2018


Fleetwood Mac’s Rumours or Pink Floyd’s Dark Side of the Moon, among many other contenders, the conversation around the greatest album of all time is one that will take you well into the night over a tipple or two. The one unifying agreement is that each of these has a totally unique, authentic and classic sound when recorded onto vinyl.

Modern artists have recognised the resurgence in popularity of vinyls and record players, one glance around HMV and you’re confronted with records by the likes of Kendrick Lamar and his contemporaries, with movie soundtracks, all sporting modern, eye-catching album art and they have a unique sound, too. However, they’re also easy to come across. Half the fun of a vinyl collection is thumbing through charity shops for a hidden gem, or exploring car boot sales in the hope of giving a new home to a bygone classic.

Knowing your way around London’s record shops, of which there are plenty, will save you money and ensure some star-studded inclusions for your collection.

Sister Ray

Soho, home of London’s late night music scene is also littered with vinyl stores, one of the top picks of which is Sister Ray records. Regardless of preference for genre or decade, you’ll find a couple of hidden gems here and with a set of turntables in-store, you can even try before you buy.

Image credit: soumiyaa_

Reckless Records

Another of Soho’s superb vinyl shops, Reckless Records is a more affordable, understated option. They don’t have a database of stock so ready those thumbs and prepare to flick your way through record sleeves in your quest for the next addition to your music set.

Image credit: jonahaderi

Classic Vinyl Records

Does what is says on the tin, but is far more elusive than its Soho counterparts. This relatively unknown haven for vinyl fans is situated just outside New Eltham station, in the borough of Greenwich – Zone 4. Only opening on Fridays and Saturdays, it retains a niche status characteristic of the vinyls it stocks. Of the three, it feels more authentic and less frequented – increasing your chances of picking up an undiscovered treasure.

Image credit: poor.and.weird

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