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Five places for kidults in London

Updated: Jan 6, 2019


Wish you could be a kid again? Same. Luckily, between the grey towers filled with suits, the tubes packed with angry workers and the coffee shops brimming with zombies looking for a way to face office life, a new world of fun has been creeping into the city, making all your childhood dreams come true. It may not look like it on the surface, but London’s crammed with playful things to do that’ll keep your inner child happy and your outer adult dignified and totally age appropriate. Here are some of our favourites:

Ballie Ballerson

There’s nothing quite like being nose-deep in balls. And at this adults only ball pit in Dalston, that’s exactly what’s on offer. Located below a bar that serves quirky cocktails dressed with sweets and all sorts, this nostalgic playground has 250, 000 clear balls that sit on an LED dance floor creating multi-coloured, glowing balls! You can dive in head first for as little as £5.

Image credit:xandria_

The Slide at ArcelorMittal Orbit

If you thought sliding down the big slide at the local park was daring, your younger self would have a meltdown with this baby. Located in the giant red sculpture in the Olympic Park, the world’s highest and longest tunnel slide is not for the faint hearted. The 40- second trip will have you whizzing down 178 metres, taking you around the tower 12 times before finishing off with a 50 metre straight run down to the bottom. The adrenaline-pumping attraction costs £16.50.

Image credit: amorbit

Sluggers at Roof East

Okay, this probably isn’t from your childhood but after watching so many American movies, didn’t you always want to have a swing at the batting cages? Unfortunately, London didn’t have any… until now. You can find the city’s only batting cages at Roof East in Stratford. Just like in the movies, any baller willing to go up against the mechanical pitcher will have the opportunity to take a swing at this sacred past time with a bunch of friend. Cages are £50 for 40 minutes and it’s recommended for use by four people.

Image credit: roofeast

Zip World London

Open until the end of September, this temporary zip line in Archbishop’s Park – just minutes away from the Southbank – is probably the quickest, most unusual and thrilling way to soak in the sites. At 33-metres high and 225 metres long, you’ll pelt down this exhilarating attraction at 50 miles per hour – we won’t blame you if you yell for your mummy while you make your way down. Tickets start at just £22.50.

Image Credit: zipnow

Junkyard Golf Club

This is probably quite unlike the outdoor mini-golf course from your family seaside holiday in Breen, but this crazier than usual crazy golf at The Old Truman Brewery is definitely worth a putt. With four nine-hole courses which each have a wild theme, you can choose which challenge you and your pals will face. With slides, loops, mirrors and more, this whacky game will be as challenging as it is fun… especially after a few bevvies. Tickets are £9.50 each.

Image Credit: junkyardgolfclub

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