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Best picnic spots in London

Updated: Jul 12, 2019


Afresco lunches or rooftop dining during the summer; both mean you can combine two of, objectively speaking, the most enjoyable things that exist – food and sunshine. However, for all they do to pick up your mood and populate your instagram account, they’re often rather tough on the bank account.

However, views can come free and the only thing better than having avocado and salmon bagels delivered on a plate is getting some triangle sandwiches cut up without the crust and some prosecco in the cooler! The second option is free, transportable and can be enjoyed as a picnic all around London. Some of London’s greatest picnic spots are just a tube (or two) away, so save the pennies and grab a basket – it’s picnic season.

Honour Oak Park

It’s a bit of a steep walk to the top of Honour Oak Park, and gets a little slippery in winter but this is one of the best, most underused spots to sit and take in the view of London. You’ll have to park the car at the bottom if you’re driving, but the walk is worth it as you’ll be met by a little band-stand area upon reaching the top, with 180 degrees of London skyline setting the perfect backdrop to your picnic. If you make it ‘til the sun goes down, the view gets even better and Honour Oak offers collection of interesting eateries and lively bars to continue the night and spend all that money you’ve saved during the day!

Image credit: mattlikestrains

Hackney Marshes

I’ve recently discovered these, and they may feature in a few blogs going forward for the simple fact that there’s so much to do! In terms of picnicking, this spot is perfect as it makes for a beautifully scenic walk to work up that appetite, before plonking yourself down for some light bites and nibbles. For those feeling particularly energised, Hackney Marshes parkrun takes place on a weekly basis and will really earn the right to the cheeseboard and chip’n’dip that no picnic is complete without. You could visit this place a hundred times and find a hundred different places to make camp, which is possibly its greatest quality. 

Image credit: roadfactoryphotos


Got a kite? If not, grab one. Blackheath is home to some pretty spectacular kite flying, often done on a skateboard of some description propelled forward by gusts of wind that make water skiing seem dull. It’s a beautiful area just a short walk from the village but there aren’t many supermarkets nearby so you’ll have to stock up first. Whether sat by the beautiful old church, where an ice cream truck is inclined to park up on weekends, or closer to the beautiful Greenwich park, Blackheath is one of London’s best spots to just sit and people watch. With the O2 Arena just a short distance away, this makes for an idealic preamble before an event or just as a standalone day out.

Image credit: londonviewpoints

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