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Best photography exhibits in London in 2019

Updated: Aug 27, 2019

By Lauren Harmes

While art, fashion and architecture might steal the show in London, photography exhibitions pop up across the city all the time from some of the most famous and interesting photographers.

1. Dora Maar

Image Credit: @fashionbook

Where: Tate Modern

When: 20 November 2019 – 15 March 2020

Dora Maar rose to prominence in the 1930s for her provocative photomontages which became icons of surrealism.

Her commercial photography was also unique and is celebrated in this exhibition, which explored her long career in the context of her work.

2. Cindy Sherman

Image Credit: @rackedla

Where: National Portrait Gallery

When: Now – 15 September

Cindy Sherman is the queen of self-portraits, taking on various dramatic personas in her images such as mask images, sex photos and the weeping women.

This exhibition features around 150 pieces of her work and some never-before-seen images.

3. Wolfgang Tillmans

Image Credit: @davidzwirner

Where: Maureen Paley

When: 10 July – 4 August

This is the ninth solo exhibition by German-born Wolfgang Tillmans at this gallery – focusing on his approach to image-making and work from the mid-1980s to today. Featuring work such as Old Street, shot whilst circling the landmark East London roundabout, and many images where Tillmans has made use of photocopies to present unique colour and black and white versions of his images.

4. Jeff Wall

Image Credit: @thedailybeast

Where: White Cube Mason’s Yard

When: 9 July – 7 September

Known for his large-format photographs covering the mundane and the unusual, Canadian Jeff Wall is setting up in White Cube this summer. This showcase of his new and recent work including the famous Parent Child, a good example of Wall’s approach to street photography that he has honed over the last few decades.,

5. Urban Impulses: Latin American Photography from 1959 – 2016

Image Credit: @booksandboots

Where: The Photographers’ Gallery Café

When: Now – 6 October

This celebration of Latin American photography is split into two sections – Shouts and Pop-ular.

Shouts is a showcase of protests, student demonstrations and violence – dark and haunting images that convey the struggles experienced by Latin Americans. Pop-ular is more about consumer culture with images of advertising, comic books, strip clubs and much more.

The exhibition gives you a better overview of Latin America than a history lesson ever could.

6. Liz Johnson Artur: If You Know The Beginning, The End Is No Trouble

Image Credit: @galleriesnow

Where: South London Gallery

When: 13 June – 1 September

This first UK solo show for Russian-Ghanian Artur focuses on black Londoners – covering all aspects of black life in the capital. Pictures are hanging on bamboo cane structures, including images at black-majority churches and non-binary club nights. Artur prints her images not just onto paper but onto fabric, tracing paper and cardboard which makes the exhibition multi-sensory and not one to be missed.



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