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1920s Nostalgia

Updated: Oct 31, 2018


Had your fill of Justin Bieber and this generation’s popstar prima donnas? Tired of lazy movie franchise reworks (Star Wars, Mad Max, we’re looking at you)? Wish throwbackthursday would transport you a little further back than that 2009 Ibiza holiday? Let’s face it, they just don’t make music and movies like they used to. Some of London’s best kept secrets are the cinemas and venues where you can still recapture the era(s) when these things were great, they can just be a little difficult to dig out sometimes. Fortunately, we’ve taken care of that for you, so whether it’s for you, your girlfriend, your nan or just some mates with a taste for something a bit vintage – it’s time for a spot of time travel at the best cinema or bar from a near-forgotten period!

Prince Charles Cinema

If the answer was ‘yes, I am tired of lazy franchise reworks’ – and make no doubt, I am assuming it was – then visiting Prince Charles Cinema is the perfect remedy. The cinema runs a number of events for pop or cult classics, re runs that rather than clumsily retell the same story, submerge you in hours of nostalgia whereby you no longer need harken back to a bygone era – you’re back in it! The Terminator series, a selection of Hitchcock’s finest, even Labyrinth plays, and I defy anybody to tell me they don’t want to dress up as Jareth – yes, they do fancy dress. What are you waiting for? Book tickets and transport yourself back to film’s golden ages.

Image credit: princecharlescinema

The Candlelight Club

If your qualm is less with the big screen and more to do with the social scene, this pop-up cocktail party should put the spring back in your Charleston. Featuring live jazz, classy cocktails and decadent décor, there is nowhere in London better equipped to roll back the decades, roll back those comb overs and jump into some good old fashioned, 1920s fun. Fancy dress is a must – after all, how are you going to reclaim London’s most elegant era in boyfriend jeans and brogues?

Image credit: iriwkis

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