Where to start with London's Street Art?

Updated: Nov 3, 2018


It’s a craze that’s swept through the streets of London over recent years – across the walls, upon the pavements, reaching dizzying heights and seemingly impossible viewpoints. With the whole city providing a canvas for an artist’s creative expression, knowing where to start on your own tour of London’s street art can be a daunting prospect. We’re here to guide you the big smoke’s most open art gallery.

Like so many of the greatest artistic movements to come before it, street art is, for many, a vehicle for social and political commentary. To take in London street art is to open yourself up to a reel of political thinking that encompasses social justice, protests of piece and, more broadly, a rejection of the establishment as we know it. So, whether you enjoy them from a purely aesthetic perspective or something that delves a little deeper, street art provides a window into one of London’s greatest cultural spectacles.

To view some of these incredible sights, and goodness are they incredible, we’ve given you two perfect starting points – one north, and one south of the river. Of course, there are examples all across our country’s capital, but these are your best options for targeted, easily navigated tours of London’s street art. They both feature some of the movement’s highest profile artists, including Banksy and ROA, but there’s so much more to be seen.

Shoreditch/Hoxton A familiar stomping ground for those of you who are regulars in East London’s trendiest social scene, the roads in and around Shoreditch and Hoxton will lead you through some of London’s greatest pieces.

The very nature of street art is that there are always new and exciting sights to be discovered, but venturing along the following route, with a few detours down roads which take your fancy, is a sure-fire way to a comprehensive tour of the area:

Tube Stops Great Eastern Street – Bethnal Green Road – Sclater Street – Brick Lane – Fournier Street – Crispin Street

BrixtonIf you’re keen to have a look round south of the river, Brixton is a street art hot spot with some of the most iconic pieces to be found in the UK. There’s a lot to be seen in a relatively small area here, so while you won’t be walking so far, keep your eyes peeled! A lot of Brixton’s street art is depicted across shop shutters, so this makes for an enjoyable Sunday afternoon stroll one the shops have shut up for the day to make sure you don’t miss a thing! Tube Stops Brixton Road – Coldharbour Lane – Atlantic Road and finish up with a pint in the Duke of Edinburgh pub, where you’ll be surrounded by an array of awesome creations.

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