Mini London Adventurist

Updated: Feb 17, 2019

By Sheila Pandya

Visiting London with the kids

Wondering how on earth you will get across London with whiney kids and luggage? On a budget but run out of exciting ideas? Want to avoid crowded over-touristy attractions? Follow this post to uncover London’s gems for your family.

With a 15 month toddler (who isn’t yet toddling!) the prospect of carrying around a day’s box of tricks and a set of replacement clothes for the unexpected poonami is enough to keep you firmly ensconced in suburbia! But worry-not as London is so well equipped for such eventualities, and, contrary to worldwide belief, Londoners are a kind lot when they see a little ‘un – just try not to travel in peak times when commuters may not be as understanding…

So where to start? You’ve read the guide books and are preparing for the daunting journey across the capital. You’re destined to tick off all the must-visit museums on your child’s curriculum, yet at the same time you’re starting to lose the plot as you can’t figure out how to get the buggy across the Northern line… don’t worry I’m going to do this journey with you. Tell me what you’d like me to discover for you.  Is it where to eat, the best way to travel, where to buy the best British kid’s fashion or would you like me to visit the latest exhibition?

But first, a list! When I was a kid living in the ‘Shires, this is what got me excited about a trip to London:

Travelling on a retro double Decker Routemaster bus (the adrenaline rush of jumping out of the door whilst it’s on the move isn’t allowed anymore )

Natural History Museum A budding taxidermist’s dream; gigantic dinosaurs; endless rooms of collections to discover; award-winning wildlife exhibitions.

Hamleys Don’t forget your credit card and be prepared to rule out having any time to visit the other shopping delights of Regent Street!

Tower of London

William the Conqueror built this fortress in the 11th Century, and then it became a royal residence. In more recent history it was a prison. You’ll certainly get your money’s worth with a day out here. Watch out for the ravens – they can be pretty scary when you’re only 4ft tall!

Have you experienced anything from my list – what did you enjoy about them? We’re back in London in a couple of weeks to visit some exotic creatures, so check back for our news.


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