Did someone say free?

Updated: Nov 3, 2018


It’s hard to believe a city like London recently named “world’s most expensive city to live and work” in, you can actually visit with your wallet tight in your pocket. From museums to markets to parks and culture, there’s something for everyone. Having lived in this buzzing city my whole life, I’ve picked up lots of tips what to see and do without breaking the bank. Here are some of my top tips for visitors visiting the capital for FREE.

Exploring by footOne of the most cost effective things you can do in London is having a wander around seeing where the city takes you. Yes, you can jump on a tube or a bus, but practically speaking, London is city that can be easily explored with the two feet with of course the weather permitting!

One of my favourite walks that personally appeals to me is taking a stroll along the Thames on the Southbank, taking in the spectacular icons of the Houses of Parliament, Big Ben, passing along the London Eye, Tate Modern and the Tower of London. With picturesque scenery waiting to be captured, you surely won’t be disappointed.

If knowing the history of a place you’re visiting is important to you, there are a few FREE guided city walks which focuses on a whole range of themed tours including Soho & Covent Garden and Royal London & Changing of the Guard. Tours are completely FREE, but tipping for the guides are encouraged. Once your tours have finished, take a break and explore the city’s delightful parks, from having the perfect picnic in Hyde Park to taking in the breathtaking view across the city at Primrose rose hill, London parks have it all.

Visiting a British MuseumGalleries and museums are London’s best bargains, famous names that are free to enter includes British Museum, Tate Modern, Natural History Museum, Science Museum etc. Here’s a full list of London’s best offering. Over at the East End, there is also a First Thursday, where over 150 galleries and museums come together in the east London and stay open after hours and run free events, talks, private viewings and exhibition.

Let London entertain you!If you’re looking for entertainment, there are a number of free performances and events at the Southbank Centre. With a mix of events covering art, literature, performances and gigs, immerse yourself into London’s best and seize the opportunity and visual experience this venue has to offer. If street musicians and listening to raw talent is more your thing, head over to Covent Garden, The Piazza, home to prosperous street performers where singer-songwriters entertain onlookers with a range of covers and original songs.

A food lover’s destinationIf it’s just passing the time or little wander your looking for, the food and buzz will capture your eye at one of the 100 stalls and stands at Borough market. With multicultural offerings at the heart of its essence, you can enjoy any food imaginable. From French cheeses, English pies, Spanish Paella and Asian curries, it perfectly feels what London represents. Just like with many of the capitals offerings, there’s a fantastic balance between Anglican London and immigrate London, the perfect hotspot for ethnic experience.

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