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Game of Thrones fanatics guide to London

Updated: Apr 15, 2019

By Amanda Gegg

Spring is coming and with it the dawning of the next and final season of the world’s favourite medieval fantasy, Game of Thrones.

As much as you might be shedding a small tear at the thought of this, like we are, there is still hope for its legacy to continue with an array of exciting events happening across the capital.

And if you exhaust all of these avenues we thought it worth you knowing about a few places you can go and stare wistfully in to the distance and be reminded of those lost G.O.T. memories you so desperately want to relive. Don’t say we don’t look after you!

‘Rave of Thrones: An Immersive Live Experience’ – 26 April – Electric Brixton.

Image Credit: @raveofthrones_ldn

We’re not even sure where to start with describing the sheer magnitude of this unforgettable night... As if having a real-life cast member DJing (Kristian Nairn a.k.a. Hodor) wasn’t enough, there will be a staged battle between fire and ice (most likely incorporating some impressive pyrotechnics) along with a castle taking centre stage and actors dressed up as your favourite characters to remind you the extent of what you’re about to lose.

Games of Thrones Brunch Quiz – 9 March – SiNK Pong London.

Image Credit: @sinkpongldn

In true dramatic fashion – much in keeping with the gravity of a Game of Thrones finale – we can confirm that this really is the G.O.T. quiz to end all quizzes. With epic quote challenges, extraordinary conundrums that only true fans will be able to solve, not to mention the chance to win rare memorabilia, this will be an afternoon to remember.

‘Dinner is Coming’ – 9 April to 2 June – The Vaults, Waterloo.

Image Credit: @thevaultsuk

If you’re a fan of an immersive experience, another G.O.T. final season tribute comes in the form of ‘Dinner is Coming’ at The Vaults and, that’s right you guessed it, you will be served dinner in amongst actors and dragons telling you the story of the houses of ‘Easteros’. Dressing up is highly encouraged for this one.

And if you can’t get tickets to any of these dedicated events then fear not, these Game of Thrones-esque London landmarks aren’t going anywhere and can be enjoyed whenever you need a medieval fix…

Highgate Catacombs, Dartmouth Park.

Image Credit: @dartmouthpark

As one of the most reverential and breathtaking places in London, you won’t find a better place than Highgate Catacombs if you want to transport yourself to a far more ‘Game of Thrones’ setting.

Chislehurst Caves.

Image Credit: @chislehurstcave

If you fancy reminiscing about the steamier side of G.O.T. then you could easily picture some kind of medieval love-in going on in Chislehurst Caves. Although we have to say the fear factor of this spooky setting definitely overrides anything else for us.

Hampstead Pergola.

Image Credit: @hampsteadpergola

This is a pretty exciting one owing to the fact that that the gorgeous shabby-chic terraces of Hampstead Pergola could easily be mistaken for the Old Palace at Dorne. You might just have to put up with a view of London instead of the normal G.O.T. vistas, but we think it’s a pretty good alternative.

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